Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lacy granny square

I present to you the newest block in the town!
Lets welcome the Lacy granny square ;)

It is fun, simple and supercute if I may say so myself :)
And it will be a great addition to my BigBrightBlanket.

So here comes the scheme!
I was drawing the scheme thinking how lacy granny square would be made using just one color.

O, and I made up symbol for half double crochet because google hates me ... and the last row I draw black, because I use it only if I need to make the square bigger or end it like typical granny square.

So here are some color variations of this square I have already made :)

Hope you'll have fun with it too! ;)

p.s. I'll try to write soon about the diagonal color change of a granny square.. but the most attentive of you will probably see the key point for that in this scheme too ;)

update - I did write post about diagonal colour change, you can find it here ;)


  1. Sany, this is beautiful!! I love your different color variations! Your diagram looks great, I'm going to have to try this soon!

    1. thankyou Kate :)
      when you get to trying the pattern I would love to see what you'll come up with ;)

    2. I just made some blocks, and will be posting them soon!

  2. I love this square - it's so pretty. Thanks for sharing your pattern. :)

    1. you're welcome and thank you! ;)
      It's always so inspiring to hear compliments for my work :)

  3. this is just gorgeous! and I love how the square looks so different in different color ways!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you :)
      I love compliments (blush), but who doesn't?
      Have fun trying it out ;)

  4. super de très beaux modèles de grannys j' adore merci du partage a bientôt