All about Granny Hearts in one PDF available on ETSY ;)

Part 1: introduction - written hearts pattern, and colourpage.

Now Granny Heart also on Youtube! :)

Part 2: my colourscheme and tutorial for join as you go (if you would like to start joining them already)

Part 3: heart parts patterns :)

Part 4: top and bottom half&quarter hexagons

Part 5: Weaving in those ends ...

Part 6: About arrangement and the start of continuous jayg ;)

Part 7: new arrangement plan & colouring page

Part 8: keep on joining ;)

Part 9: border - tiny pom pom's 

Addendum 1: Tiny heart ;)
Full Tiny Heart pdf available on etsy and ravelry.

Addendum 2: Colour pages. Choose the shape and size of your blanket ;)

Addendum 3: Join As You Go - JAYG.

Addendum 4: Tiny heart half parts A, B, C.

Addendum 5: tiny heart 3/4 parts D & E.


Addendum 6: tiny heart parts F & G.

Addendum 7: last tiny heart parts H, I & J. 
Addendum 8: simple border.

Do share your makes on social media! ;)
Tag me @brightbag and #GrannyHeart #TinyGrannyHeart - I would LOVE to see your blankets!


  1. I love this pattern! I make blankets for Project Linus, for prem babies. It is so difficult to find pretty crochet patterns with no holes to avoid catching tiny fingers. This is just perfect x

  2. thankyou :)
    it is really great cause you are participating in those tiny kids deserve some extra love ;)

  3. It,s a beautiful and creative blanket, congratulations!!!!

  4. I love the idea of crocheting a Granny Heart based on the hexagonal form, because the individual motifs fit together ... that can be described as "tessellating" granny hearts. I've tried to follow your pattern here and on the Ravelry site. I cannot seem to follow either pattern to arrive at the desired result. What guarantee do I have that if I buy your pattern from etsy it will be any more understandable? I am a pretty good crocheter, but I can't make sense of the instructions. I'm very frustrated and perplexed! Help!

    1. Hi
      pattern on blog is scattered through blog posts THE SAME pattern is joined in one pdf file. as blog posts were written as soon as I came up with next part of hearts blanket, pdf might seem better structured.
      but essentially pattern does not change, I have made a video of me crocheting tiny heart on my instagram page, maybe that would clear some questions.
      also - if you send me an email with picture of your best try of granny heart I will do my best to explain how to fix it and make into granny heart.

  5. I love this pattern but I cannot find any dimensions for the finished blanket! I also don’t know how much yarn of each color I’ll need! I know it’ll vary depending how many colors I’ll use but I would love some guidance here!

  6. Do you have a mini heart-parts pattern?

    1. Oops... I found it🤦🏽‍♀️ Sorry!!