all about hearts in one PDF available on ETSY ;)

Part 1: introduction - written hearts pattern, and colourpage.

Part 2: my colourscheme and tutorial for join as you go (if you would like to start joining them already)

Part 3: heart parts patterns :)

Part 4: top and bottom half&quarter hexagons

Part 5: Weaving in those ends ...

Part 6: About arrangement and the start of continuous jayg ;)

Part 7: new arrangement plan & colouring page

Part 8: keep on joining ;)

Part 9: border - tiny pom pom's 

Addendum 1: Tiny heart ;)

Addendum 2: Colour pages. Choose the shape and size of your blanket ;)


  1. I love this pattern! I make blankets for Project Linus, for prem babies. It is so difficult to find pretty crochet patterns with no holes to avoid catching tiny fingers. This is just perfect x

  2. thankyou :)
    it is really great cause you are participating in those tiny kids deserve some extra love ;)

  3. It,s a beautiful and creative blanket, congratulations!!!!