Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lovely CAL: Addendum 3

Granny hearts can be joined as you make them, as simple as you would join a granny squares, granny hexagons or granny diamonds ...
I urge you to make a few hearts & understand how the heart is made and only then try to join them as you go. (preferably, when you already can make the heart without instructions)

Click on link to go to instructions for tiny Granny heart ;)

Now I'll show you few photos of how to JAYG ;)

1. you have one heart :)

2. start making another!
Join them together replacing ch with sl st on the corresponding edge of the new heart.

3. start making another!
Long sides always go together, like forming a flower.

4. keep making and joining hearts.

& at some point (hopefully soon) I'll share with you how to make heart parts to smoothen the edges for blanket ;)

Happy crafting ;)

P.S. all this and more available as pdf file on etsy and ravelry

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