Tuesday, March 27, 2018

C2C ScrappyRug

ou yess - it is finished! and being loved - already on the floor :D
kids can be soooooo cute when they want to ...

Sim & Oli
the part you all have been waiting for - how did i join my artsy squares?
simple and efective - pretty much same c2c just in straight lines, using sc to atach my squares to the filling and frame I made...

if you have some questions ask ... and i'll try to answer as soon as possible ... but my coffee has too little blood at the moment so i'm convinced the photos says it all :D

Waaay later - aka - Update with instructions to go with the pictures ;)

Start with two blocks.
Sl st in first blocks corner. Ch 3, sc on other blocks corner.

Ch 3, sc in joining point.

Make your first "check box" for standing C2C ..

Sl st in first blocks joining point finishing up that first "check box" :)

Starting the next one.
Ch 3. Pull loop through sc. Ch 3. Sc in next joining point. Make "check box" - aka 3 dc's & sl st on the other side ...

When you reach corner, take next block and just keep going.
remainds me of a staircase ... so just go up ;)

Inside corner is a bit different ..
When you make last "check box" and squares are joined, you are left on the wrong corner .. to change that .. in the middle of sl st (I can't believe I have no pictures of me doing this) you make dc in the corner of previously joined squares (bottom left) forming a bridge you will be working over your "check box" dc's.  then do 3 ch, sc in joining corner (up right) and then make "check box" dc's .. and you have turned your work and everything else is simple.

Simply stunning - right :)
and easy too!

Edging is pretty much the same, just without adding more blocks...
Sooo ..
Add your yarn in any joining point ch 6 (so you would get 3x3 "check box" ;) ) and make 3 dc's. (for first check box i make them into the ch, after I just work over ch sp as for c2c ;) )
Sl st in next joining point. make 3 ch, sc in corner of previous "check box" and ch 3 more. and well obviously - make 3 dc's :) and repeat!

Happy crafting!

P.S. Amazing Heather (@hookonepurlone) has created videos of join and edge! she does them my way but a smidge different. so if you prefer videos instead of photos - go check out these youtube videos and give her thumbs up! ;) ALSO - her Log Cabin C2C idea is FANTASTIC!


I promise this is for edge altough cover photo is misleading :D  


  1. OMG this is Magnificent!! Will you have a written pattern? It may take me forever but I would to give this a try!!

  2. Thank you :)
    if you are referring to the scrappy heart - i've already done it http://brightbag.blogspot.com/2018/01/scrappy-heart-block.html
    if you think joining, then maybe, now i am too sleep deprived to think clearly :D

  3. Anonymous27/3/18 19:20

    I love the way you have used the c2c pattern, it’s so clever the way you have joined too.. I see that the heart block uses 2yarns to get the change in colour, can you tell me please , is the rest of the blanket done with 2yarns also, or just for the heart block.. many thanks for sharing . Kate

    1. i've used two strands of yarn for all the blocks..

    2. And thank you! :)

  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I am going to try your method to join my C2C squares :)

  5. So great to hear that! :)

  6. Oh, this is só beautiful! Thanks a stack for the photo tutorial!♥

  7. Hi Sany, reference yourC2C Scrappy Rug, what type and weight and yarn did you use for it. I think it’s beautiful by the way.
    Kind regards Kathie x