Wednesday, March 30, 2016

a little bit of Knitting

and even less words ...
as I already said in my dreamcather post - last year for Christmas I made presents myself ..  :) well at least some of them :P

I hadn't knitted for a while so I thought I should :)
and i knitted reyna shawl for my mom. She loved it and is wearing it a lot now - this makes me happy.

I didn't follow the scheme fully (shocing! :D) I just changed lacy rows and simple rows as I felt at that moment ... 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chantarelle pie second eddition

Few days ago was a pie day in my household :)

I baked 2 (one savory and one sweet) and they both had dissapeared till we went to bed ... we must have been verrrry hungry :D

This time I changed the filling (and it worked for better):

300g cooked chanterelles
1 egg-white
100g cheese in small cubes (although grated probably would have been better)
150g sausage in small cubes
1/2 paprica in small cubes
a pinch of salt and pepper

Base is still the same old shortcrust pastry:
220 g flour
1 egg yolk
160 g butter
2 tbsp cold water
a pinch of salt

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rustic Chic Blanket

Now when Rustic Chic Blanket is finally at its new home I will share the story here too :)

It all started with an idea like everything does!
And then across the virtual world spiked the first motif from talented Kate (you probably heard of her SignedWithAnOwl) that got the avalanche going :)
Then I made a pineapple heart .. and thought to myself how could they possibly be ever joined together properly ... but I wasn't ready to give up so next doily I chose to make was much bigger ... very much bigger ... and then I pretty much tried almost every lacy pattern I had ever liked or come across while hung up on on this blanket ... and during all the doily madness i just got brave enough to improvise the joining of the doilies and it was great when I had muse watching over my shoulder but most of the time it was pain in the ● ... and a lot of frogging ... and there still are some parts I think I could or maybe even should do better but then again - when I am not as picky as most of the time it looks just great :)

and I know for sure I will make more of this type of blankets, because they do look chic, they are surprisingly warm and I already have picked the yarn for the next one .. altough I might change my mind till I'll get to the yarn store (I tend to do so :D) ..

progress as seen on instagram :)

and a few closeup pics of finished blanket :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What happens on the rug - stays on the rug :D

Me and sometimes my kids exercise on my yoga mat - ScrappyRug :)
I document my exercises on instagram acount UnderTheChandeleir ;) I hope this will help me to exercise daily because crazy enough - endomondo doesn't really make me want to exercise more, I use it just to log my workouts ... :) (i think instagram will work better on inspiring me on my daily yoga because I love to express myself and of course I like the likes too ;D )

I did actually just take a two day break after a month of exercising every day and today I started again because I missed it! more than I am willing to admit...

Here are few of my most favorite pics yet, but I hope there are many more to come :)

Happy body - happy soul! ;)

p.s. I used to hate working out because my kids wouldn't let me alone - now I like that they join in and "crash" my poses or do them with me .. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!