Sunday, March 20, 2016

What happens on the rug - stays on the rug :D

Me and sometimes my kids exercise on my yoga mat - ScrappyRug :)
I document my exercises on instagram acount UnderTheChandeleir ;) I hope this will help me to exercise daily because crazy enough - endomondo doesn't really make me want to exercise more, I use it just to log my workouts ... :) (i think instagram will work better on inspiring me on my daily yoga because I love to express myself and of course I like the likes too ;D )

I did actually just take a two day break after a month of exercising every day and today I started again because I missed it! more than I am willing to admit...

Here are few of my most favorite pics yet, but I hope there are many more to come :)

Happy body - happy soul! ;)

p.s. I used to hate working out because my kids wouldn't let me alone - now I like that they join in and "crash" my poses or do them with me .. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

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