Monday, May 20, 2019

Scrappy Rug: Pinwheel block

I noticed I have way more scraps than I need to finish my WavyC2C of scraps so ... i played around a little and remembered squares I saw by fantastic Quilt designer & pattern maker Jemima Flendt (@tiedwitharibbon) called ConfettiQuilt so I dreamed up this 😏

Although you can use any pattern to make a scrappy rug - why not something new and fun?

And of course you could make it NOT scrappy at all .. but for me making with scrap yarn is like quilting with old jeans ... Repurposing has become a lifestyle lately :D

How do you start the block?
Colors ..
Pick tone for background (bluish greens for me - will be worked full rows from beginning till end)
Then 3 distinct colors for marking three different parts. I chose dark tones: browns and bluish greys for sides. And white for middle.

Pattern is simple solid granny square quarter.
All stitches worked with two colors at a time.
Tricky part is changing colours but I have quite a few pictures here on how to do it so you should be fine ;)
Tip: untangle threads as you go because otherwise you will have a hard time getting to the 10th row...

Saturday, April 20, 2019

V-stitch sweater

As instagrammers might have noticed my autumn jacket is still procrastinating in the boxes .. but I found long forgotten, almost finished V-stitch sweater. and thought to myself that i should finally finish it and rock the spring again! :D
(do you remember the fun and bright spring sweater i made when I was carrying the tiny one?)

So it all started here - when I found it hidden in a box - spring cleaning brings out rabbits too not just hidden mess under the beds :D

Read more about construction:

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

pattern release: Starlight Tiles

Fun Christmassy looking pattern for blanket as tiny or big as you please ;)

I've been slowly working on this one for 2 years - and now it is finally ready to meet the world :)

Pattern pdf consists of 39 pages including:
  • written Instructions (US crochet terms),
  • picture tutorial for 3 standart shapes: star, hexagon and diamond
  • picture tutorial for all part shapes needed to smoothen the edges. (there are quite a few you won't need so do not be alarmed about length of the pattern)
  • picture tutorial for joining and edging as well!
& one additional pdf with color pages.

You can buy the pattern on etsy or ravelry :)

And look what my amazing pattern testers did!

Friday, February 08, 2019

pattern release: WavyC2C

That NEW big thing everyone has been waiting for is here! 😜

You can buy the pattern on etsy or ravelry :)

Tell a bit more you ask?
- this is new way of making corner to corner crochet!
Still as simple as always with few alterations that change the look and possibly even the way you think ...
Normally when you work on c2c you cast on 3ch and make 3dc's, but for Wavy one stitch length and count almost always changes (but not to worry in pdf there is chart & written pattern to start your blanket as well as simple rules to work on it and not go crazy counting).

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Straight Forward Shawl

Simple, fast, squishy & beautiful.

Perfect make for those moments you feel stuck. Works up fast and if your kid doesn't drive you mad adding colours on the go (those obviously resulting in yarn-ends for weaving session later) .. i should have just picked some self striping yarn :D and I would have - for her shawl - after I had tested and made one for myself :D (how come I still haven't learned that with tinies around you better not plan too far :D) if she hadn't snatched my yellow scarf and declared it hers! but she did and i rather like her colour choices :)
At the end i crocheted it together to form a cowl so she would have an simple and warm solution not a headache for everyone involved .. she is still just 4 you know :P