Tuesday, April 17, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 3

This post will be all about the heart parts :)
And might help those that struggled understand some of instructions for the heart in the first post, because if there were next to no pictures of hexiheart - here will be way too many pictures of all the parts :D

But before we begin with the instructions and oh so many photos.
just to brag somewhere :D
I've made all the greenish hearts! not saying how far I am overall because I just don't want to count them atm, and I'm waiting for you to catch up ;P
judging by the fact that I planned to make 4 hearts a week ... at this point I should have made just 20 .. I even have more in this greenish picture, but no worries - I must be faster than you, because I have to figure out how to write up the fancy joining part waaay before you get that far ;)

Ok, ok - let's get to part hearts ;)
If you've made 10 hearts already you definitely know pattern by heart - so this part heart thing is here to add some spice in the mix ;D try out part hearts to test your temper :P
just kidding - should be real simple - knowing I've photographed almost each stitch I've made :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 2

Two weeks later and i've fallen head over heels with these hearts! ❤
I made it to the store once more and just grabbed all the colours that had the right thickness and reminded me of spring or I plain liked the shade ... then I obviously HAD to make heart of each and every one of them to test if I had picked the right thickness and if the colours play well together - fun, fun, fun! :)

So far I have 11 colours I like and 2 I find mismatching ..
knowing me - all colours most probably will find the right place when it's time to arrange them :D

This no doubt should have been mentioned in introduction .. but better late than never ..

  • one heart measures 16x12 cm
  • weights 7g (might be usefull for stashbusters ;) )
  • I'm using DK weight yarn (started by the yellow RedHeart Lisa yarn just to find out NONE of the yarnstores in my hometown have it in their stock, doh) & 4mm hook :)
  • it takes me 12 min 49 sec to make one ❤ ( this might not be relevant but I just had to time myself :D ) 

At this point i have 22 out of 51 hearts (if my blanket ends up as big as I've sketched it in the colouring page). I should have had just 12, but I got overexcited about the new colors :D
How far you have got?
Share some pics so I can rejoice in your hearts too ;) (in comments here or over at instagram using tag #LovelyCAL )

Btw, maybe you have noticed that these hearts can be joined as you make them, as simple as you would join a granny squares or hexagons ... and as I had three green shades that did not fit in thickness wise I'll show you few photos of how to do that ;)

But even if you are not interested in join as you go scroll ahead till the end where I show you sneak peak of how I have planned to join my hearts using continuous join as you go ;) 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

C2C ScrappyRug

ou yess - it is finished! and being loved - already on the floor :D
kids can be soooooo cute when they want to ...

Sim & Oli

the part you all have been waiting for - how did i join my artsy squares?
simple and efective - pretty much same c2c just in straight lines, using sc to atach my squares to the filling and frame I made...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

LovelyCAL: introduction ❤

*CAL - Crochet ALong
Lovely because of all the hearts we're going to make 

why today?
because I've been thinking of hosting a CAL forever ... and about these hearts since I saw amazing warmheartedquilt by Jodi (talesofcloth.com) about a month ago ... ❤

Warmheartedquilt by Jodi

& I heard that today is first day of spring and I've been making these yellow hearts for a while and daydreaming about them when instead of crochet hook my tinybaby occupies my arms ..
I tend to overthink things but as part of my personal change (if interested more about that see almost daily pics @underthechandeleir) I learn to trust life, my gut & take a chance more often :)

I've had some color block lately and can't find the right colors for my future projects i've lined up in my head :D so I hope this will give me a looong needed push in the right direction.

Lets test me and you too! and start by making one yellow heart ;)
at this point no step by step pictures (my overthinking brain screams and bites, but I'll keep it at bay for now and share what i've done so far), but just try it out - real simple!

Monday, March 12, 2018


Tiešitā! šoreiz šeit rakstīšu latviski :) 
Nu ir beidzot gan alfabēts ar visiem x un y ko pati izmantošu visbiežāk savā instagramā, gan tīri latviskais ar šķž ar ko varēs paspēlēties mani lielie bērni..
Nekas jau nemainās, burtiņi tie paši, aprakstus uz latviešu valodu netulkošu, bet turpini lasīt un izveido arī tu pāris garumzīmes un mīkstinājuma zīmes ;)