Monday, April 23, 2018

flower 104 ❀


now I'm officially part of the flower power :)

#365daysofcrochetflowers originally started up by amazing Emily (instagram, blog) and now keeps going on the power of comunnity @thecrochethookup :)

This one is mine :)
Simple and sweet ❀
Have you made one of these gorgeous flowers? all these patterns are free and there are SO many gorgeous flowers out there ! trust me ;) and make some - even if you only make them for your 4yearolddoughter so she can play and loose most of them in an instant :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 3

This post will be all about the heart parts :)
And might help those that struggled understand some of instructions for the heart in the first post, because if there were next to no pictures of granny heart - here will be way too many pictures of all the parts :D

But before we begin with the instructions and oh so many photos.
just to brag somewhere :D
I've made all the greenish hearts! not saying how far I am overall because I just don't want to count them atm, and I'm waiting for you to catch up ;P
judging by the fact that I planned to make 4 hearts a week ... at this point I should have made just 20 .. I even have more in this greenish picture, but no worries - I must be faster than you, because I have to figure out how to write up the fancy joining part waaay before you get that far ;)

Ok, ok - let's get to part hearts ;)
If you've made 10 hearts already you definitely know pattern by heart - so this part heart thing is here to add some spice in the mix ;D try out part hearts to test your temper :P
just kidding - should be real simple - knowing I've photographed almost each stitch I've made :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

LovelyCAL: part 2

Two weeks later and i've fallen head over heels with these hearts! ❤
I made it to the store once more and just grabbed all the colours that had the right thickness and reminded me of spring or I plain liked the shade ... then I obviously HAD to make heart of each and every one of them to test if I had picked the right thickness and if the colours play well together - fun, fun, fun! :)

So far I have 11 colours I like and 2 I find mismatching ..
knowing me - all colours most probably will find the right place when it's time to arrange them :D

This no doubt should have been mentioned in introduction .. but better late than never ..

  • one heart measures 16x12 cm
  • weights 7g (might be usefull for stashbusters ;) )
  • I'm using DK weight yarn (started by the yellow RedHeart Lisa yarn just to find out NONE of the yarnstores in my hometown have it in their stock, doh) & 4mm hook :)
  • it takes me 12 min 49 sec to make one ❤ ( this might not be relevant but I just had to time myself :D ) 

At this point i have 22 out of 51 hearts (if my blanket ends up as big as I've sketched it in the colouring page). I should have had just 12, but I got overexcited about the new colors :D
How far you have got?
Share some pics so I can rejoice in your hearts too ;) (in comments here or over at instagram using tag #LovelyCAL )

Btw, maybe you have noticed that these hearts can be joined as you make them, as simple as you would join a granny squares or hexagons ... and as I had three green shades that did not fit in thickness wise I'll show you few photos of how to do that ;)

But even if you are not interested in join as you go scroll ahead till the end where I show you sneak peak of how I have planned to join my hearts using continuous join as you go ;)