Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bag full of Triangular madness!

Second bag that I have made myself :)
using a pattern of my own. (that is still not written down properly .. it's been almost a year since I started .. soooooo lame to find out I am slower than a slug when it comes to actual work)
btw, I have started two blankets using this triangle pattern .. and of course none of them are close to finishing line (knowing me that's just obvious)

A bit more about my bag.
made 2 sides. about 20x25cm.
crocheted them together making bag bottom and sides. about 4cm wide.
and then made a strap. 130cm long and 3cm wide.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Scrappy Rug

Today I had my first yoga session on my still unfinished new yoga mat :)
It was a bliss ... all those colors inspired me to better myself (I am still pretty bad at all asanas but I love the way I feel after my workout). hopefully tomorrows session will be longer but with two little ones in the home no-one is ever sure of anything ..

how it started ...
I had a bowl with leftover yarn balls collected from frogged jumpers and previous projects. All those incompatible colours and yarn weights kept me thinking what to do? And as always answer was so simple! Take the lightest and thickest yarn and crochet away together!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Random rambling: Cosy living

So far I have been apartment person ... I have lived in quite a few apartments I have loved and called my home ..
Now that we have been living in our new old house about 3 months now I can honestly say - I am a house person ... and we all are hopeful to be able to stay here throughout the winter as well. (heating might be a problem)