Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bag full of Triangular madness!

Second bag that I have made myself :)
using a pattern of my own. (that is still not written down properly .. it's been almost a year since I started .. soooooo lame to find out I am slower than a slug when it comes to actual work)
btw, I have started two blankets using this triangle pattern .. and of course none of them are close to finishing line (knowing me that's just obvious)

A bit more about my bag.
made 2 sides. about 20x25cm.
crocheted them together making bag bottom and sides. about 4cm wide.
and then made a strap. 130cm long and 3cm wide.

First time I show the other side :)
I was going to show it only after I had already finished Triangular madness blanket pattern I mentioned earlier, I have already wrote the part in appendix about this variation which resemble flying geese (from quilting terminology) ...

And after i put everything I usually carry around with me inside this bag I found out that the strap I made is way too stretchy so I added two lines of slipstitches to tighten it up. worked like a charm :) I still need to add backing and zipper but as it works like this too I don't see that happening any time soon...

and in the end - here they are - both of my lovelies!
you might remember my first bag :) I made the strap longer thou ...

Happy crafting!