Sunday, September 01, 2013

Summer bag ...

As it is the first of september I declare that the autumn is here! and my summer bag is finally finished!!!  :D I should stop calling it summer bag and maybe I will find the opportunity to show it off during the warm autumn days too :)

Here are some photos of my masterpiece :)

I worked with 6 different yarns at once, three of them solid colors and three batik yarns, so it seems even more colorful... to make it easier I worked in spiral from bottom to top and then made a strap so I had just 6 yarn ends to weave in the beginning and 6 in the end :)

Next time for this kind of bag (If I am crazy enough to repeat this) I would make the strap a bit differently because I am not fully satisfied... It wrinkles, although in the perfect world it shouldn't... and I should have stopped decrease halfway through the strap that way I would have had bigger opening ...

I wore it once - everyone I met loved it :) I hope I will still like it next year...


  1. Very pretty! Love the stripes!
    Kate :}

    1. Thank you Kate :) I love the stripes too.