Saturday, September 26, 2015

Unmarked territory

I am making a jacket!
something my instagram friends already know ..
First time ever I am atempting to crochet a piece of clothing for myself ... as you have probably noticed normally I am a bit obsessed with blankets ...

what changed?
I thought it would be faster, simpler and I could finish it by the end of summer .. how naive !

so this is about as far as I've gotten .. doily pattern finished, jet it is just a back and two armholes .. I can't even call it a vest and leave it at that because it doesn't cover anything in front or even sides, jet I have no real plan how to add rows nicely so that it makes sense and looks good in the end ..

so much for an easy fast project ... naive me ...

pattern for this particular doily I found in pinterest and I actually used just the scheme seen in pinned picture because the link it led to didn't make any sense to me .. 

I have made few more pictures as it grew if you'd like to see ..

Monday, September 07, 2015


You have probably heard that time flies when you're having fun …
or kids .. or fun with kids …

School year has started in our home too
This year Oli joined the big kids group. And Sam is going to start kindergarten in a week with all the other babies … and with all those lists of needed supplies and stuff I almost feel as if we were getting ready for school ..
As a meditation in this stressful time I chose to make pencil cases by myself :)