Friday, May 30, 2014

Random rambling: Time

Introducing new thing around here - Random rambling.

As the name suggests it really will be about random stuff that bothers me or makes me think about life in general or my kids, future, politics, my fears and everything else that's good or badly wrong in world at the time I find the time for checking out the virtual reality...
So this will be a place for me to vent.

Do not read further if you are here for crafty advice/inspiration.. there will probably be none in this post :D

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fast summer pants :)

Found this ridiculously easy summer pants sewing tutorial!
and wanted to share this brilliance of simplicity :)

First time I tried to sew them though the measurements failed me and I found out that my butt is BIG :D
So next time I tried to sew these summer pants instead of measuring my waist I measured my hips just to be sure the pants will cover it. And fabric width should not be 3/4 of this measurement but rather 5/4 ... just because you loose some "waist" length making the crotch. and it is a lot easier to cut off some fabric then add it on ;)

It took me 2 days of my baby girls nap times to finish the pants but it was totally worth it!!!
and believe it or not - it really is THAT simple to make a summer pants :)
Says the person who hadn't used the sewing machine in ages - that is saying something!

Monday, May 19, 2014

not so pink couch

For past 7 years pink couch has been there for me in good times and bad .. but lately I had neglected to call it pink because it had been stained so badly and was pink just in my memories.. so he* had a makeover and from now on will look like this!
* yes he! .. it feels weird to call my sweet pink couch as "it" ..

Down the memory lane ...

Friday, May 16, 2014

.. slow progress ..

Stealing moments for crocheting .. weaving in ends while playing with lego ... dreaming of a long afternoon naps for my two adorable kids when I could add some circles to the blanket :)
I think there is some conspiracy amongst them - they rarely nap at the same time ..