Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Granny Diamond pattern release!

You can buy the pattern on RAVELRY or ETSY ;)

Feels SO good to finish things!

One and a half month on this lovely blanket (and pattern) .. such a creative month! loved it - crocheted everywhere we went :D and I mean everywhere - I even managed to crochet by the seaside while sunbathing! (if my hubby didn't think I am crazy - now he is sure about it)

But my obsession with Granny Diamond pattern is not over yet ... I have already started another blanket (and pattern) featuring the diamond - this is gonna be awesome ;)
as I see it if you learn to make a diamond and all the halves/quarters I have shown you how

It's gonna be legen
wait for it

but enough of future plans, this is the time and place to brag about the Granny Diamonds!
So here IT is!