Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby blanket still in progress

This is a progress report from last time ...
I have bought one more dark brow clew (just in case) and one orange (I just couldn't resist)..

To speed up process and I thought I should start adding those granny squares together.
I chose to do that "on the go" so I chose 4 granny squares I already had and crocheted the one in middle. as you remember I didn't have the chains you would usually use to connect granny squares so I figured that the middle one of double crochets on the last row should be a nice connector too... then chose next two granny squares and crocheted the middle one to connect all of them and the blanket keeps growing! :)

connecting of the granny squares:
1st step 
pick the granny squares you want to add to blanket and figure out how the middle granny square will look like.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am one of three winners in Kates from Signed With an Owl organized pay it forward giveaway :)) It's three days later and I still can't properly express how great it feels to be the chosen one :)
I will take it as a sign that at some point this year I will have enough followers and readers to organize my own giveaway :)
good luck to me and to all af you! ;)
O and this is one of squares for ongoing blanket challenge :) 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today I managed to destroy my slippers on a nail (actually they were cute short socks, because I tend to loose "normal" slippers all around the house)... Then I remembered that as a kid I had wonderful crocheted slippers so I started to crochet myself a new pair of slippers :)
It took me a bit more than 4 hours. 4 hours - OMG! I am so slow...
and this is how they turned out ->
Well ... I ran out of the yarn in the middle of the second slipper so I I found matching colors a and kept on going. The first one looks a bit gloomy but the second one brightens the scene. I am still thinking weather I should redo the first one or not ... right now they feel so cosy on my feet, that I just might leave them as they are .. :)
Next time I will be smarter and crochet with more colors from the beginning :)

I think that for my new home (I am moving to another city pretty soon) I want to have a slipper-box for guests. So when I'll start to fill my slipper-box I will tell you in details how to make this kind of slippers ;)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

amazing X granny square

I found inspiration in one of my favorite blogs -> Signed With an Owl. But there where no schemes and I didn't have that book but I loved that square so much that I thought - I will make it anyway! it took me all night but at last I figured out how to make it look almost the same .. the ending is a bit different, but i like it better this way :) (because it's my way and I know how to make it and it will be easier to crochet them together later in the process)
I think these looks fabulous, and you probably won't believe me, but it is just as easy as making a simple granny square, because basically it IS granny square! well a bit modified version of a granny square :)

so this is how I made it ->
1st step
crochet granny square (scheme can be found in one of my previous blogposts) with little but VERY important alteration - in each corner of each row crochet 13 chains not just 2