Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby blanket still in progress

This is a progress report from last time ...
I have bought one more dark brow clew (just in case) and one orange (I just couldn't resist)..

To speed up process and I thought I should start adding those granny squares together.
I chose to do that "on the go" so I chose 4 granny squares I already had and crocheted the one in middle. as you remember I didn't have the chains you would usually use to connect granny squares so I figured that the middle one of double crochets on the last row should be a nice connector too... then chose next two granny squares and crocheted the middle one to connect all of them and the blanket keeps growing! :)

connecting of the granny squares:
1st step 
pick the granny squares you want to add to blanket and figure out how the middle granny square will look like.

2nd step 
Start by connecting loners to the middle one (because it's just easier this way).
So, pick up the unfinished granny square and start the last row in one of the corners.
// 3 chains, pick a chain from the other granny square and finish the double crochet, then next double crochet and... I hope you got the idea :)
4th step 
get rid of yarn endings and stop for a while - enjoy this moment a bit - smile! :)
and then start from 1st step and keep on going...

I am not sure how big should be baby blanket, but I suppose I still have loads to do..
although right now it starts to look like blanket :) and I think I might actually finish it till april!

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