Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Blanket

this is a work in progress ... it's gonna be a crocheted blanket for my little miracle, who is dancing in my tommy right now :)
I have chosen 5 clews of different colors (grey, light brown, dark brown and to lighten it up yellow and green as well). Right now I have crocheted about half of the needed granny squares well, maybe less ...
this is how they look so far ->
I will probably need some more clews to finish it... It looks like the dark brown is gonna be the first to end up ..
somewhere in between this process I understood that I have been crocheting them after wrong scheme :/
but oh, well.. this time it will work too, because squares are quite small (just 3 rows) so they still look quite flat (I better won't imagine what would have happend if I chose to crochet 2 more rows..).
I will show you only the right crocheting scheme ->
I borrowed this scheme somewhere from the internet and adjusted for my way of making granny squares ...
unfortunately in the middle of my so called drawing I lost the link to original source ...
Each color in the scheme represents new row (except the middle one witch is beginning and made from the same yarn as first actual row) and different yarn color.

I start start each row trying to hide the yarn tail that's left from previous row, by crocheting over it. So when the granny square is ready I only have one yarn tail left to hide (in the red circles you can see already hidden yarn tails) ->

right now I am planning to sew not crochet the pieces together, but we'll see. maybe by time I get to this  part it will seem easier to crochet them together because then I won't have to hide all those yarn tails, they will just disappear on their own, if I may say so...

but for now on - it's back to work for me! ;)
I want to finish it till april ..

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