Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Almost year ago I was crazy enough to enter Kates giveaway and amazingly enough - I won!!! and got those delightful handmade giftsAccording to rules, I had one year in witch to host my own giveaway and spread the love in form of handmade something..
So finally I think I have grown enough to host my own giveaway :)

As my time is running out, I have started the search for the three lucky ones!
And as I have way more followers on instagramm than here I am ready to bend the original rules a bit (you can find them in Kates post about this giveaway)... so I exchange bloggers for crafters and we get the NEW RULES of the giveaway:

The rules of this giveaway are that I now have 365 days in which to find three crafters who would like a handmade gift from me and are prepared to do the same.

You can enter the giveaway by leaving a comment to this post and revealing your favourite color till 10th of november.
Entries accepted from all corners of the globe :)

So the lucky ones will be known on 11th of november.. and if all goes well you'll probably get that special something from me as a Christmas present :) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The scarf of string theory :)

I was recently introduced with the knitting doll and thought I wold make a scarf ... but as I was making it I figured that with my speed this scarf project would take as much time and energy than to crochet a baby blanket.. the scarf I had in my mind would have been a great one tho, but with all the other projects "in the loose" I wanted something that could be done fast :)
So my first attempt on the scarf of string theory evolved in a sort of bracelet slash hand-warmer :)

But I wasn't going to give up!
Next day I thought that if I just took a thicker yarn and found or made a bigger doll as well.. wasn't at all thrilled about prospect of making a knitting doll... I have to admit I was a bit winy for a while so a little birdie told me that it could be done without a knitting doll!!! probably faster too.. with 3 hoops and 2 knitting needles...
- wanna know how?
- keep reeding ;)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Blanket of the hearts

I found an inspiration for this blanket in photos of @stephanie_linden (fellow instagrammer).
I changed the heart motif and a layout a bit but kept the main idea :)
This is going to be a summer blanket for my adorable baby boy Oliver. I chose a very thin cotton yarn because I thought that with all the other projects I'm currently working on I'll be lucky if this one will get finished till next summer.
This is the teaser photo that I made before I started to think about possibility of picture tutorial.. right about now I have two more rows of delightful hearts :)
And here comes the scheme if you would like to make one yourself ->

and as addition for the scheme here is a picture tutorial as well.. :)

1st step 
Take a background yarn and make a chain that is as long as you want your blanket of hearts to be wide.
The trick in this is that the amount of chains must divide with 8 without balance (I am not sure it's the right term... hopefully this explains it better -> amount of chains necessary = 8x )
And crochet 1st line of double crochets as well :)