Sunday, October 14, 2012

The scarf of string theory :)

I was recently introduced with the knitting doll and thought I wold make a scarf ... but as I was making it I figured that with my speed this scarf project would take as much time and energy than to crochet a baby blanket.. the scarf I had in my mind would have been a great one tho, but with all the other projects "in the loose" I wanted something that could be done fast :)
So my first attempt on the scarf of string theory evolved in a sort of bracelet slash hand-warmer :)

But I wasn't going to give up!
Next day I thought that if I just took a thicker yarn and found or made a bigger doll as well.. wasn't at all thrilled about prospect of making a knitting doll... I have to admit I was a bit winy for a while so a little birdie told me that it could be done without a knitting doll!!! probably faster too.. with 3 hoops and 2 knitting needles...
- wanna know how?
- keep reeding ;)

Tutorial for the scarf of string theory ->

1st step
Make three slip knots (as I understand this is a therm for the first row of knitting. I will assume you know how to do it)

2nd step
We will use only the knit stitch!
Usually you would turn the knitting around so you have the tread on your right side when you start knitting each row but in this case you need to leave the thread on the left side.
.. and well start knitting ;)

I hope next three photos will help you understand what I am trying to say :)
Slide those three hoops to the other end of a needle and make three knit stitches, slide the forming string to the other side again and knit the three knit stitches again.. 

so in the beginning of each row you will still have the thread on your left...
keep knitting until you think your string is long enough to form a scarf.

3rd step
Finish it off by attaching the end to beginning.
Unfortunately I haven't figured out a nice invisible way of doing it so I will probably just sew the ends together or leave them hanging loose ..
but till then I still have quite a while ..

I've been stuck in 2nd step for days if I may say so :D
and as you can see my knitting needles are actually pencils... but I was so distracted by all the yarn in the shop that I forgot about the fact that I had never before knitted with a yarn so thick...

I hope I was clear enough for you to be able to do it yourself, but if you have any questions I will be happy to answer ;)
happy crafting!!!

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