Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Random rambling: my little tricksters

* when you love to be naked
And are old enough to know how to take off your clothes ... easy game till mom figures out a solution and "help" you wear something that is hard to get out of .. it works for about a week and then you have grown and can outsmart her again - pee in your pants and mom will have no choice but to help you undress ... (evilgrin)
Sam now, Oli 2 years ago 
When this happens after what seems as an eternity spent trying to dress up that screaming monster I just want to cry ... thank god most of the times we are not in hurry to get somewhere so its just frustrating for me.

* drawing is easy!
especialy when all of the drawing is done by the grownup .. "please draw me a car, tractor, airplane, helicopter ... flower, tree, house ... pig, cow, bunny ... " after you have listened to your mom about hundred times why you should draw at least some of the stuff yourself just keep repeating previous sentence and after a while you can easily say just "NO, you!" and pictures will appear as if from nowhere!
Oli always, Sam sometimes