Thursday, November 27, 2014

Autumny* cowl

* just because of the colors and I'm planning to wear it on winter and spring too :)

The best thing about the autumn is its colors, but they end way too quickly, and then we are left in the darkness for quite a while just waiting for the bright white snow. To prolong the colors and the joy I made a fast cowl (took me just 2 evenings).

You want to know how my Autumny cowl began?

Thursday, November 06, 2014

BBB progressreport: The one before last :)

JUST border left!!!
and some of the yarn ends of course..

Latest newcomers:
  • round ripple square (from ravelry)
    • and I saw over the internet its lookalike snowflake pattern and that one is for free although I did not try this one yet;
  • BEST way to fill rectangular spaces - box stitch (tutorials and schemes can be found all around internet I just used trc instead of dc)
  • Two circles joined together as a symbol for love, marriage and working together (you name it), I saw in @memoo1409 instagram feed :)
  • V stich squared (made it up as I go, no actual pattern there) 
  • and V stitch simply in rows for rectangle (this is the new MUST have blanket all around instagram, and from the small piece I made I do get why it is so popular - light, fast growing and simple!!!)

So here it is!
My BigBrightBlanket in all it's glory :)