Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Random Rambling: Little tricksters are growing!

Five more minutes!
Sam's way of bargaining for anything :D
Sam 2&half

Just two bites!
First milk, no carrots, only potatoes ..
Oli's way of bargaining for sweets ... when he promises to eat some amount of real food in exchange for sweets ... he starts this without even knowing if there is something sweet planned after the meal :D
But I am smart enough to tell him that in this case he will have only some part of that particular dessert afterwards .. sometimes that works better than expected and he eats an extra meatball :P
Oli 5min till 5

Mommy is mine, Daddy is yours.
This is a way for them to divide their domains. They are dividing everything! :D parents, cousins, friends, cartoons, music :D
Of course it works only till the other one gets offered something better... for both of them dealbreaker is that the other ones parent is taking them somewhere even if it is something really booooooooring :D
Both (Sam 3 and Oli 5min till 5)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Letter of the week: C

Cat, color, cinnamon, concept, crochet, city, chance ...
just first few words starting with C that appeared in my mind this morning :P

yesterday I was sooo disapointed by the fact that I had chosen grey as the colour to test the letters ... but today I figured out how to spice it up :P I just have to switch white background to make it look more fun ;)

Pattern for letter C

Row 1: Ch 4, sc in 2nd st from hook, hdc, dc. Turn.
Row 2: Ch 2, dc&hdc tog (dc in same st hdc in next), sc. Turn.
Row 3: Ch 1, sc, hdc, dc. Turn.
Row 4: Ch 2, dc&hdc tog (dc in same st hdc in next), sc. Turn.
Row 5: Ch 2, on same (and next) st dc2tog, dc. Turn.
Row 6: Ch 2, dc&hdc tog (dc in same st hdc in next), sc. Turn.
Row 7: Ch 1, sc, hdc, dc. Turn.
Repeat 6th and 7th row. 1 more time.
Row 10: Ch 2, on same (and next) st dc2tog, dc. Turn.
Repeat 10th row. 5 more times.
Row 16: Ch 2, dc&hdc tog (dc in same st hdc in next), sc. Turn.
Row 17: Ch 1, sc, hdc, dc. Turn.
Repeat 16th and 17th row. 1 more time.
Row 20: Ch 2, on same (and next) st dc2tog, dc. Turn.
Row 21: Ch 1, sc, hdc, dc. Turn.
Row 22: Ch 2, dc&hdc tog (dc in same st hdc in next), sc. Turn.
Repeat 21st and 22nd row. 1 more time.
(overall letter C consists of 24 rows)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Scrappy Rug

Second scrappy rug is growing I have now made 9 squares using bits and pieces working c2c (corner to corner).
Squares are 13x13 pixels small (or big). I have no idea why i chose devil's dozen...
I am using hook nr 4 and 2 strands of leftover yarn bits in DK (this is mainly for myself so I do not forget whitch crochethook to take when returning to the rug), hook is probably smaller then would be needed for that thickness of yarn, but as it is not supposed to be blanket but it is gonna be rug it should be more firm than squishy ;)

Few more pics ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring sweater

Hi and hello! ;)
My spring sweater is ready to rock this world!

As you might guess it's freezing outside! (-1C to be precise) so I ran out, snapped few photos and ran back in (thank god and my husband for hot fireplace in the kitchen) :)
It's gonna be about a month till +10C and real opportunity to show this beauty outside tough ...

This is the yarn that jumpstarted my spring ;)

And here I have started my granny style spring sweater ..
In the begging there were looooooong chain and huge hole for the head :P when I felt like shoulders are covered I folded this square and started working in rounds.

Loads more pictures to come ;)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Letter of the week: U

YOU are amazing!
U are!
and do not forget that. ever.

Pattern for letter U

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Letter of the week: O

O is my little mans letter .. He used to point it out wherever he went like Sam does now with hers.
But he has outgrown that childish game and now he prefers his full name:
  • he writes it himself (just his name) and any colouring ends real fast (he hates it, I have no idea why) he colours about a square inch (tiny spot on a page), decides he should write instead, writes his name and if I suggest some other words he claims "too tired" and runs off to jump on bed ... :D
  • he uses scrabble letters to put together his name in two "letter couches" as we call them .. :)
  • he uses puzzle letters to arrange his name (something quite similar as scrabble just letters on puzlepieces) other kind of puzzles do not interest him now ...
(On really rare occasions I have managed to trick him into writing Sam's name)

Pattern for letter O

Monday, March 06, 2017

Letter of the week: S

Letter S is first one Sam learned about a year ago, she notices it everywhere! One letter S in a word and she claims that word as her own and I have to remind that letter and word is not quite the same ...

And then in last years October (I think) I made a whole crochet alphabet :) and was planning to share the letter patterns here. (I won't make any predictions on how loooong it might take me to write up all the patterns, because usually those predictions turn around and bite me :D ) And I was planning to share pattern for "S" first, but then "I" came sooooooo easily ;P
I should have written them when I was making them because then I knew every letter by heart, but now I have to look at the finished things and think real hard how did I make them ?!...

SO finally! Pattern for letter S

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Letter of the week: I

The simplest letter there is! :P

And maybe most important one!
a lot of mighty things start with ourselves - I am. I love. I hope...
I will do this! ;)

Row 1: Ch5, on the third (and fourth) chain dc2tog, dc. Turn.
Row 2: Ch 2, on same (and next) st dc2tog, dc. Turn.
Repeat second row 9 times.
(overall letter I consists of 11 rows)

On the go photos so it's easier to understand confusing places of the pattern (if any) ...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Magical life of crocheter

I am obsessed with Harry Potter...
Even as I am writing this in background there are sounds from third movie: Prisoner of Azkaban... After I reread the books in autumn I have watched all movies twice already...
o, my ...
(watched is a strong term, because crocheters usually listen to movies not really watches them :D)

When I started crocheting letters first thing I thought was that I need 3 letters for each day of the week (M, T, W, T, F, S, S) well just in Latvian (P, O, T, C, P, S, S) for weekly pocket calendar from recycled jeans (that is already hanged up in second floor hall but we haven't started using it as I had imagined ... that probably is the reason why I haven't shared it here yet).
But when kids saw the letters they wanted some of their letters and I thought why not whole words and when I had that many I picked quote and didn't stop making those letters till I could "write it down" ;) 

The magic in all of this is that one small thing leads to another and as long as that light burns over that latest idea there is no telling how far that might go ... ;)

I promise that the patterns of the letters used to write down this amazing quote from J. K. Rowling's book character Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore will start to appear here soon ;)

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Testing new things :)

This is the test piece of how the Blanket of the Waves will look like. I'm not showing you sides yet because well .. they suck :P

Ok, actually just one side is totally unusable.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Hex A Tile! ;P

One fun day over at the instagram we where droooling over tiles ... and I just happened to have few hexagons so I HAD to try it out!

First thing I thought that the easiest way to make this would be plain hexies (probably with first round black) joined with black and then when it looked way too much like a simple honeycomb blanket one would crochet sl st over it in rows so it would makes it come to life ...
BUT when I saw the real hexies and started joining them in my mind I soon discovered that I the best way is to make plain hexies (no need for first round in different colour) and then join them as if using ruler :)