Monday, June 05, 2017

mandala madness in my head :)

I was daydreaming about the day I will make overlay crochet mandala and then it hit me - I should just make one, so on mothers day I decided to gratify myself with one of Amanda Williams (Yarn House) lovely mandala paterns and picked Lylah Mandala :)
as I learned later that day she was running a promotion of 50% off her patterns .. me and my big mouth - I bragged about my purchase of the pattern (first time ever, btw .. not bragging - I do that all the time :D but the pattern purchasing part :D ) and she noticed my post and was soooooo generous that she gifted me one more pattern ! I was cheeky enough and picked Snowflake and now that Lylah is finished and gifted I will start it tomorrow :)

I finished Lylah while visiting my parents, sleeping in my old room (well now it kind of is my brothers room, because we switched rooms when I left for university gazillion years ago) and gifted it to my grandma for her 90th birthday (that will be only on July, but we won't be able to visit her then so better sooner than later, considering her grand age) :)

If you as me have ever thought of making overlay crochet mandala but were too scared because it looks sooooooo complicated - I can assure you it is doable (quite simple actually, or at least Amandas explanations and pictures make it so) - so go get pattern and make a wonderfull piece for your home ;)

"few" more on the go pics ...
I love how each overlaying round changes the look of mandala

Happy crafting!

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