Thursday, March 27, 2014

Add a button!

I have a jar for buttons .. any loose* button I come across ends up there ..
* mainly buttons from old clothes
A while ago I made a button bouquet for my giveaway winners and I have used the jar buttons as replacements for lost buttons in our everyday clothes, but this is WAY better! and more fun manner to use up old buttons ;)

I knew it when I saw a button necklace in pinterest that I had to make a string from buttons for my pearled curtain :)

So a progress report is in order :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wrap it up!

My baby girl was cranky for few evenings and I realized I want scarf sling to hold my baby close and have my hands free to do other stuff (I do already have ring sling but it is not appropriate for infants).
As I knew I will use it rarely and just till she learns to sit on her own (I like my ring sling and I think it's easier to use than a scarf sling) and my baby girl turned 2 months old yesterday (OMG! time flies when one's having fun) so I can't afford to wait when I will get to the store (we cant't buy it in our home town and we are not planning a trip to Riga any time soon) or while I get one delivered by buying on internet ... besides they usually are quite expensive ...
So I made it myself! From a leftover fabric I had in my home .. you'll soon find out why I had those fabric pieces ;)

It is made from two pieces of fabric (68x240cm) overlapping in the baby part. so now it measures 68x440cm it could have been 20 cm longer... that would make it easier to tie it up.. but nevertheless I like it very much. And my baby girl loves it too :) she falls asleep almost instantly when i thug her in.

I have started to daydream of a sling from two different fabric pieces so that the colors can play ... I will make one to show you what I mean if I get to the fabric store before my baby girl learns to sit on her own.

Happy crafting! ;)

Saturday, March 01, 2014

In our house we do!

I have been exploring pinterest and I've seen a lot of lovely and inspiring "In our house we do" signs ..
And I started to think what my families sign would look like and even started to write one .. I thought what we actually do rather than just copying other signs (most of them have the same text .. is it some quote I don't know about?) .. and started to "draw" the concept in my minds eye ..

This is what I had drafted ->
  • We do LOVE each other
  • We do lough a lot
  • We do DREAM with our eyes wide open
  • We do cry sometimes too
  • We do kisses and hugs
  • We do adventures
  • We do CREATE (lately chaos more than anything else)
  • We do learn how the world works
  • We do sing, dance and simply jump around a lot
  • We do annoy our downstairs neighbors ..
And then I realized, that the perfect sign would actually look something like this ->

Instead of house there should be written home, but then the name is too short to substitute as a roof ..