Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giveaway WINNERS!!!

I am so happy to say that there were 4 brave crafty ladies who entered my Pay-It-Forwad-Giveaway (3 here and one using instagramm).
When I announced the giveaway I was a bit scared that none would want to join in (I can't exactly say that my blog is very well known), but with the first comment on the post I knew that it is gonna be a success! and now I have not only the needed three, but four participants! :)
I thought for a while how to choose, but it somehow felt very wrong to leave one out..

So I decided that for my own sanity and well being I simply won't choose! and with that said I can finally tell you that ALL four crafty ladies are winners of the giveaway and will get something crafty from me :)
Congratulations Mariah, Angela, Pamala and Elfinstar!
This is the button bouquet I made last week .. unfortunately the weather outside is quite gloomy so the picture doesn't look quite as good as I would want to .. but nevertheless CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Just now noticed that I don't have your emails so please send me an email to of your full name and address so I can send you your gift when it's ready :) (I thought the comment in my email box had your email too, but I was wrong, very wrong indeed)

And now I am off to the store for new yarn supplies of the right colors .. hope they will have what I need to make the things you will hopefully like :)

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