Saturday, January 24, 2015

V-stitch baby blanket

Fastest baby blanket I have EVER made!
It is really fast growing and it turns out so soft and looks amazing. Ideal for crochet newbie! :)

This one I made for my soon to be born niece and I am thinking that I should make another one just for fun.

Btw, for you out there and myself in the future - you should not work every row (and color) from one side as I did but start each new row at the beginning of the previous one. Otherwise your blanket will not be square or rectangle but rather a parallelogram...

There are some more photos that I made as the blanket grew :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

BBB progressreport: The last one.

It took me 3 years ... (well i did a lot of other stuff in between, but anyway 3 years is a long time)
But I finally DID IT - My Big Bright Blanket is done. and it took me just about two months to get to actual writing of this blogpost :D

I love how it turned out :)
and here are my little princess trying to "help" me with blanket pictures :D

In numbers:
  • 3 - is for the number of years it took for me to finish it;
  • 6 - is for layers of edging I chose to do till it felt right and the hearts ♡ on my squares;
  • 15 - is for all the different yarn colors I used;
  • 18 - is the number or blog posts I have written about it (including this one, all the other pregressreports and squares, schemes and formulas that I made up for this blanket)
  • 46 different square patterns used (well I might have miscounted, it got quite difficult after 20);
  • 50 is the number of skeins of yarn I used (at least)
  • 2151 stands for grams this baby weights :) well I actually expected more..

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BBB progressreport: Edging

I made one little mistake … and so my 6 layers of edging are a bit wiggly ..

And as the layers were put on one another it wiggled a lot more ..  but I kind of don't care for it to be perfect so I went with it.
For next time thou I might prefer it to BE perfect so I am logging here the possible solution for future me.