Saturday, January 24, 2015

V-stitch baby blanket

Fastest baby blanket I have EVER made!
It is really fast growing and it turns out so soft and looks amazing. Ideal for crochet newbie! :)

This one I made for my soon to be born niece and I am thinking that I should make another one just for fun.

Btw, for you out there and myself in the future - you should not work every row (and color) from one side as I did but start each new row at the beginning of the previous one. Otherwise your blanket will not be square or rectangle but rather a parallelogram...

There are some more photos that I made as the blanket grew :)

Happy Crafting!

And today this little monster turns one … seems only yesterday that she was born and now my baby girl is running around the house.. happy, smiling, enjoying herself :)
I love her more than words can say.