Friday, March 30, 2012

It broke - I fixed it :)

I was upgrading my Tiny tower and broke a crocheting hook!
have you ever seen something like that? :D
I was so surprised that this is possible! I'm quite sure that this is part of their sales technique - you get used to the hook and you enjoy it until it brakes .. but as you loved it you go to the store and buy a new one just like the one you had before...
I am not in a mood for a shop today so - Let's fix it! :)

1st step
I found paper, scissors and glue...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teeny tiny baby boots

I can't wait to meet my baby boy.. and as the do date is pretty close now I'm just enjoying the last moments of my pregnancy by crocheting, crocheting, crocheting ...
I have been told that after the baby comes I won't have as much free time as now. I don't believe them, but I'll probably change my mind quite soon ,,,
My latest "masterpiece" is these teeny tiny baby boots :) 
I am not quite sure, that they will fit ... I know that newborn baby is small, but I'm not quite sure how small ... but I like them so much (partly because they are SO small) and they were quite easy to make so I am sure that even if they won't fit I'll be able to make an actually fitting pair in no-time. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the New Old: Lamp

I think "the New Old" is going to be in a series, because in our new apartment is a hidden room with all kind of old stuff ... It' s like my own museum, the room is full of all kind of things, some are just rubbish but some are pure gold that I would like to use in various ways! :)
the first one is lamp, because it' s the most needed at a time.. otherwise we would have to sit in the dark :D

this is the old look ->

and this is the new ->

it makes such a lovely pattern on the ceiling and walls ... :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby blanket finally ready!!! :))

It's ready and I love It!
I still can't believe it is ready!

For a moment there I thought that baby will be out in the wild before the blanket because I was too busy with other projects, including the flower cushion (and many more you haven't seen jet.. ). And of course we are still living "on the boxes" and in the apartment under repair (because of the epic move to another city) - it's chaos here ... and sometimes I feel so helpless :/ ... I hope we will manage to make it actually livable till baby comes ...
But enough whining - the blanket is amazing and as it turns out it wasn't as hard to finish it as I thought.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

flower coushin

I saw this amazing cushion on attic24 (with tutorial) and had to have one of my own, so I started to crochet. the first 2 rounds seemed almost impossible (15 stitches in one hole? :o and next row make them double ...), but when you get past that you understand that you had to have 6 flower petals (30 stitches) to nicely and easy add flowerpetels in the future (next rows).
In my stubbornness I tried to start with 5 flowerpetels (25 stitches), but then the mathematics will drive you crazy!!! If you ever attempt the flower cushion challenge be smart and listen to advices in previously mentioned tutorial ;)

this is my flower with 5 petels (as you can see I didn't get wery far...)

and this one is with 6 petels :)