Friday, March 30, 2012

It broke - I fixed it :)

I was upgrading my Tiny tower and broke a crocheting hook!
have you ever seen something like that? :D
I was so surprised that this is possible! I'm quite sure that this is part of their sales technique - you get used to the hook and you enjoy it until it brakes .. but as you loved it you go to the store and buy a new one just like the one you had before...
I am not in a mood for a shop today so - Let's fix it! :)

1st step
I found paper, scissors and glue...

2nd step
cut the paper and glued in the most important part of the crocheting hook :)

3rd step
rolled the paper around crocheting hook for a while until it stayed like this even if I wasn't holding it

4th step 
glued the paper. not just the last part but entire strip.

5th step 
and now the most interesting part - to make it look fabulous!
you can choose pretty paper in the beginning and leave it at that, or paint it in the end, or pretty much do whatever comes in to mind ...
well I wanted to do something more appropriate - so I crocheted a "sock" for the hook :)
and woala! =)

O, almost forgot to brag - this is how my Tiny tower looks like now ->
as you can see there are two towers now :) because it's not stable as one anymore...

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