Thursday, March 08, 2012

flower coushin

I saw this amazing cushion on attic24 (with tutorial) and had to have one of my own, so I started to crochet. the first 2 rounds seemed almost impossible (15 stitches in one hole? :o and next row make them double ...), but when you get past that you understand that you had to have 6 flower petals (30 stitches) to nicely and easy add flowerpetels in the future (next rows).
In my stubbornness I tried to start with 5 flowerpetels (25 stitches), but then the mathematics will drive you crazy!!! If you ever attempt the flower cushion challenge be smart and listen to advices in previously mentioned tutorial ;)

this is my flower with 5 petels (as you can see I didn't get wery far...)

and this one is with 6 petels :)

after I had made the pretty side I crocheted the other side greenish and without petals (but with some "leafs" to make the pillow look more like a flower)

and then I made a inside pillow: sew together 2 cotton circles (leaving one small hole for stuffing) a bit bigger than flower, stuffed it with the remains of old pillow and sew the hole too.

and of course crocheted together both sides of my pillow with stuffing inside :)

And now it sits in his rightful place on our pink couch..

my first ever crocheted pillow.. and it's so lovely! :))

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