Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby blanket finally ready!!! :))

It's ready and I love It!
I still can't believe it is ready!

For a moment there I thought that baby will be out in the wild before the blanket because I was too busy with other projects, including the flower cushion (and many more you haven't seen jet.. ). And of course we are still living "on the boxes" and in the apartment under repair (because of the epic move to another city) - it's chaos here ... and sometimes I feel so helpless :/ ... I hope we will manage to make it actually livable till baby comes ...
But enough whining - the blanket is amazing and as it turns out it wasn't as hard to finish it as I thought.

The first was to finish it till the right size (which in this case was 10x14 squares), then I crocheted around it to make it look more like a blanket and then I had to get rid of the holes... I chose to pull the corners together (I am not sure that I can call this sewing just because I used a thread and a needle), next two photos are the backside of blanket ->
and this is the front side of the same squares.. as you can see - yellow thread is almost invisible :)

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  1. Oooooooo this turned out great!! I love the colors, and love the 3 round grannies! The next time I do a granny square blanket, I must try doing them with 3 rounds; I usually do 4 or 5, but this is super cute!!