Thursday, March 22, 2012

the New Old: Lamp

I think "the New Old" is going to be in a series, because in our new apartment is a hidden room with all kind of old stuff ... It' s like my own museum, the room is full of all kind of things, some are just rubbish but some are pure gold that I would like to use in various ways! :)
the first one is lamp, because it' s the most needed at a time.. otherwise we would have to sit in the dark :D

this is the old look ->

and this is the new ->

it makes such a lovely pattern on the ceiling and walls ... :)

and it was so simple to [re]make!
I just took off old fabric, chose new one that I liked and worked a bit with a needle and thread...

well I still have to think of a way to hide the wires, but that's tomorrows problem ;)

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