Sunday, October 27, 2013

Morning star!

Every year around this time I spend much more time inside waiting for autumn to end end winter to start... and always I find myself wondering about all the different backgrounds we have not just as people but as nations. I am planning to tell you about our kind of halloween soon, but for now enjoy the simple jet powerful morning star!

In Latvian mythology morning star protects from evil. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. Jet another good versus evil stuff. And it looks great too!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The beginning of G-plaid!

I have started yet another project .. please do not judge me too hard ..

This one is gonna be very special!!!
  1. It's a gift, that will probably not be ready for this Christmas... 
  2. It's the little brother of BigBrightBlanket
  3. Last row of every square will be in one color (dark brown) - so it will be easier to join them together :)
So far I have made just few squares... need soooooooo much more!!! I somehow thought I have quite a lot squares done so far and I could start arranging, but when I took them out in the daylight I had to admit, that this is not nearly enough to start the joining...

As I am a bit obsessed with ravelry lately (and not a fan of Instagram, because my iPhone apparently is too old and I can only sneak few photos through my hubbys phone) ... so I have links to square patterns in ravelry also if you want to add them to your queue ;)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Best pie ever!!!

I found this mock mincemeat pie recipe and was tiptoeing around it for a week.
So I finally got the courage to try it out today - it probably took me more time than it should and I didn't have a maple syrup and probably forgot some spices too, but it came out tasting AMAZING!
And I am sharing a link to this pie so I know where to find the recipe for the next time and the time after that and... well you get the picture - this one is here to stay!

And I found out that my kitchen is not complete - I still do NOT own a rolling pin - I can't believe I haven't bought it jet ..

Hopefully next time I'll try this I will have a rolling pin and will be able to make it look better to fit the amazingness of the taste :)

Bon appétit!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Chanterelle pie

A while ago I unexpectedly got a big basket of chanterelles from my hubby's aunt, so I thought I should  make something more interesting than chanterelle sauce and fill up a jar for winter (I did those too, but the pie was a challenge to make something different than usual)...
So I made a savory pie!

Recipe is nowhere near perfect, but to remind myself what I did when I get the next big basket of chanterelles and try to make this pie even better ... :)
This pie tastes better on the second day ... I think it's because when it's right from oven the shortcrust pastry makes it kind of dry ... next time I would add some tomatoes, cauliflower or something to make it juicier right from oven ... to enjoy it while it's still hot :)