Saturday, October 12, 2013

Best pie ever!!!

I found this mock mincemeat pie recipe and was tiptoeing around it for a week.
So I finally got the courage to try it out today - it probably took me more time than it should and I didn't have a maple syrup and probably forgot some spices too, but it came out tasting AMAZING!
And I am sharing a link to this pie so I know where to find the recipe for the next time and the time after that and... well you get the picture - this one is here to stay!

And I found out that my kitchen is not complete - I still do NOT own a rolling pin - I can't believe I haven't bought it jet ..

Hopefully next time I'll try this I will have a rolling pin and will be able to make it look better to fit the amazingness of the taste :)

Bon appétit!

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