Sunday, October 20, 2013

The beginning of G-plaid!

I have started yet another project .. please do not judge me too hard ..

This one is gonna be very special!!!
  1. It's a gift, that will probably not be ready for this Christmas... 
  2. It's the little brother of BigBrightBlanket
  3. Last row of every square will be in one color (dark brown) - so it will be easier to join them together :)
So far I have made just few squares... need soooooooo much more!!! I somehow thought I have quite a lot squares done so far and I could start arranging, but when I took them out in the daylight I had to admit, that this is not nearly enough to start the joining...

As I am a bit obsessed with ravelry lately (and not a fan of Instagram, because my iPhone apparently is too old and I can only sneak few photos through my hubbys phone) ... so I have links to square patterns in ravelry also if you want to add them to your queue ;)

New links of inspiration:
Links of inspiration for squares also seen in BigBrightBlanket:
I couldn't find a link to the other flower ... but this time I honestly made it just from looking at already finished square in BigBrightBlanket ...

Happy crafting!

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