Friday, September 20, 2013

2nd edition of my flower square :)

First scheme and tips
It works when background yarns are a bit thinner than the flower yarns.

Photo of a new and better square!

Now I have found that most of the times last two rows work better like this so I refreshed the scheme ->

As you can probably see that I have "painted over" the previous scheme .. I was too lazy to draw it from beginning just to change the last two rows so I put on a new piece of paper, cut a hole in it for the rows that won't change and then draw the last two rows...

I hadn't made this square for a while so I thought I should follow my own instructions and found that second round is missing one double crochet ... for most of you that wouldn't be a problem, but some might get confused .. so I buried my laziness and redraw the scheme from the beginning.
And I think this was very fortunate, because I changed some of the joining points so they would make more sense :)

Color-way tips:
(they have stayed the same but I will post a summary if you don't want to go to the previous post)
  • 1st and 2nd row can be in one color (I prefer something darker than the flower petals);
  • for flower petals (3rd row) I would suggest something bright (something that will pop out from background. maybe white, pink, yellow). btw, this row might crumble a bit, but no worries - it will flatten out later;
  • 4th and 5th row in one color something darker ... green, brown, red ...
  • and for 6th row I would suggest something lighter or darker than the previous rows so it would make that colorful ZigZg :)

Happy crafting!!!

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  1. Anonymous10/5/14 17:49

    Beautiful. Love your color scheme.