Tuesday, July 24, 2012

not your typical granny square*

I am happy to tell you all that I have finally started to join the blocks from my tinytower!!!
I wanted to make the beginning of the joining even more special so I created a special squre - my own flower block!!!
and I came up with a name for the blanket too - BigBrightBlanket :)

So here comes the scheme and few tips along the way :)
1st the beginning.
that weird sign in the middle is magical ring.
O! and the first two rows can actually be in one color ;)
2nd the flowerpetels.
change the colour! (I would suggest something noticeable, something quite different than the middle and background)
follow the scheme.
they might crumble a bit, but no worries they will flatten out later ;)
3rd the background
I suggest next two rows in one color, because the fifth row will cower most of 4th row anyway but if they are in one color then for me it feels more like background :)
 and as you can see in scheme - although i chose one color for these two rows, I crocheted it as I had changed colors, because this way I could avoid the problem of joining the chain and starting the next row around it while being in it.
and the last row is just like any other granny square, but if you like the colorful ZigZag I had then I would suggest you choose the color much brighter or darker than the yarn you used for previous rows ;)

hope you will find this useful!
Happy crocheting ;)

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  1. These squares you have created from your own ideas, or blogs you've browsed, are absolutely mesmerizing! Your use of color is pretty, pretty, pretty! I LOVE dark backgrounds, as I feel they make colors POP. Kind of like the stars in the dark, night sky. You can't see them in the pale (or vivid) blue of the daytime sky, even though they are still out there... In space. But change the light settings in our sky from sunlight to moonlight and the stars POP! Your squares and rectangles are making such a work of art! So glad I came across your blog!