Thursday, June 21, 2012

star-shaped blanket

As fellow instagrammers now, my newest addiction is crocheted stars .. the blue one is going to become a star-shaped blanket for my moms 55th birthday.. so for the first time I actually have a deadline for crocheting!

and If you want to make your own you might need the scheme ->

It was the first time I actually drew a scheme myself (I had no idea it was so hard!!!) It is far from perfect, but I think as long as it works it's good :)
and practice makes perfection, so I will practice the art of scheme drawing as well :)

At this moment I have finished the first clew of yarn and bought 5 more .. so it means at least 50 more hours of crocheting and I really hope the blanket will be big enough then ... otherwise I don't think I will manage to finish it in those two months .. and I really hope I do :) keep your fingers crossed ;)

O, and I messed up with the first star, the greenish yellow one .. so when I figure out what to do with it I will tell you too ;)


  1. Hi, I have just found your blog and love this star pattern very much. Are the symbols for tr or dtr (US terms dc or tr)? Hope I have made sense. Thank you.

    1. I usually think in US terms so it's dc :)
      and I am happy to hear you like my blog.
      about star-shaped blanket, I would suggest you try the light version -> because this one take up loads of time and the light version will be softer.
      which ever one you'll choose to make will brighten up your day so have fun making yourself a star-shaped blanket! ;)