Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pearled curtain

A while ago, cleaning the house I found a long forgotten project, a few years ago I started to make a pearled curtain. In the bag there were 15 different strings of pearls and a loads of free unused pearls, so I took the ones that spoke to me and made some more...

I know 20 strings is not nearly enough to cower a doorway, but hopefully someday :)
For now on they will decorate my living room :)
And the most important thing - now it will stand out in a wild so I can see them everyday and add more strings when I have the time, if I'll have the time ...


  1. Beautiful beads! I especially like your last photo with all the strands of different sized beads!

    1. thankyou :)
      I like my unfinished curtain too, I am very glad I found this long forgotten project :)
      O, and the other photos is just to show the fun in process..