Thursday, June 14, 2012

Funky brother :)

When I finished the first hedgehog it felt great but looking at him it seemed that he is lonely so I decided to make him a friend. And so the funky brother was born! :)

and now they seem so happy together ;)

In basics it's the same as my previous hedgehog but the style of each "needle" is slightly different than in the previously mentioned tutorial (because I used 5 colors at the same time for each of the hedgehogs needles and decreased a bit differently then in the tutorial). If anyone will be interested then I'll try to explain the makings of a funky brother's "needle" but for now, the two pictures of process that might give you the right idea of how i did it :)


  1. Parabéns !!! Ficou lindo !!! Abraços de coração , Edna Das Catarinas.

    1. Obrigado Edna Das Catarinas :)
      p.s. thank god for google.translate ;D