Monday, September 09, 2013


Guess what?

These are baby boots for a very special girl ...
I am half way through my pregnancy !!! and I am finally ready to share these great news with the world.

I am happy as a clam!
That stupid all day morning sickness has finally left me and I feel great! well somedays I still have low blood pressure and can't do a lot, but I am trying to get as much fun from those moments as I can (my hubby takes care of our baby boy and I have loads of time for my crafty adventures).

For about 20 more weeks these adorable little babyboots will be waiting for our princess to arrive.. and until that they will be a part of a wall hanging :)

p.s. just for fun - Chinese gender chart works so far...


  1. Congratulations. The booties are adorable. I love the jigsaw puzzle. Can you tell me the name of it.


    1. Thank you Linda :)
      the jigsaw puzzle is -> Castorland Puzzle of Chech republics Karlstein castle

  2. Congratulations!!
    Kate :}