Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Around a square !

I am in the middle of a chair cover and wanted to show off ->

I am using yarn leftovers from my summer bag, but I will need more .. as it turns out the chair is pretty big :D
If you want to make something like this yourself then read further ;) I have made a pretty lame photos of the scheme as it advances ... I hope it will help :)

The only thing I want to comment about this picture tutorial is that when you make the corner you have to make a single crochet into the slip stitch of the previous row... (If you don't get this or any other place in this wordless tutorial please comment and I will try to make decent photos of me actually doing the things in scheme ;) )

Happy crafting!!!
p.s. Inspiration from knitted Ten stitch blanket and tunisian crocheted lookalike ...


  1. please attach pictures!

  2. Cheryl Austin 2/14/201515/2/15 00:49

    I love this! But if a new crocheter saw this pattern, they might not know the graphs depict single crochets and slip stitches. You might want to make a note of this, or a "Key". Other than that, I'm starting mine now!

  3. I love the look but wish this was a written pattern. I can't work from graphs like this. :(