Saturday, March 01, 2014

In our house we do!

I have been exploring pinterest and I've seen a lot of lovely and inspiring "In our house we do" signs ..
And I started to think what my families sign would look like and even started to write one .. I thought what we actually do rather than just copying other signs (most of them have the same text .. is it some quote I don't know about?) .. and started to "draw" the concept in my minds eye ..

This is what I had drafted ->
  • We do LOVE each other
  • We do lough a lot
  • We do DREAM with our eyes wide open
  • We do cry sometimes too
  • We do kisses and hugs
  • We do adventures
  • We do CREATE (lately chaos more than anything else)
  • We do learn how the world works
  • We do sing, dance and simply jump around a lot
  • We do annoy our downstairs neighbors ..
And then I realized, that the perfect sign would actually look something like this ->

Instead of house there should be written home, but then the name is too short to substitute as a roof ..

I was thinking of quote I read in Walter Isaacson's book about Steve Jobs.
Less is more
//Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
And I allowed myself to be influenced by it .. and if you think for a while you can see how saying In this house we do I say nothing but then again I say everything!

I am thinking to put it in a frame in my jet unfinished corridor, but we'll see :)

First I plan to pin "Less is more" to my wardrobe so I can finally find the inspiration to make space there :) I have way too much clothes that do not fit (well I have had a baby recently so for some of them that won't be only throwing out condition); or are so worn out that I will never wear them outside the house; or are so out of style that even I don't like them anymore :D

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