Wednesday, February 26, 2014


In honor of the end of construction or reconstruction in our apartment I am making my hubbies favorite salad and thought I could share our recipe. He calls them construction waste aka debris.
To be honest I make them quite often because I like to open a fridge and find something almost healthy already ready to eat :)
Besides it took me only half an hour to whip them up this time (well I am not counting the time I spent boiling staff) and another great feature - while making I can leave them at any point and come back later to finish (just need to remember to put the knife further away before I go) and this bowl will last at least two meals (and few refrigerator raids during the day and sometimes night) so it's a great time saver for me :)

300g boiled potatoes
2 boiled carrots
2 hard boiled eggs
400g canned green peas
400g pickled cucumbers
300g sausage

~150g mayonnaise
~150g sour cream
3tsp horseradish (mārrutki)

Cut all of the ingredients into small cubes. Except green peas (for obvious reasons) and eggs I just smash "to dust" with fork... then add everything else and you have loads of delicious debris :)

Bon apetit!

pictures on the go ->

1st step 
make sure you have all ingredients
note! if  you would try to make it yourself - the amount of each ingredient is just approximate and changes a bit (or a lot) every time .. :D

2nd step
cut everything





pickled cucumber

canned green peas

3rd step
add the "sauces" ..



sour cream

4th step
mix it all together

O, and don't forget about the salt and pepper .. I almost did ..

and here it is!
a bowl of bliss :D

Bon apetit!

It is a celebration in our home today, because after more than half year living in construction site we have finally done all* that was planned +few on the go ideas and have hidden all tools till next planned construction :) what a relief! tomorrow starts a brand new era! :D a lot more cleaner (without all the construction dust flying around I think that even I will be able to keep this apartment clean enough) and accurate (well as accurate as it can be with two small kids running around)...

* to be completely honest there are few small things on the immediate to do list (like painting the ceiling in corridor), but they are not going to be as messy as the things we have already done here :) so they don't count :D

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