Monday, February 24, 2014

3rd time's a charm

As it is no longer 2013 ... I had to change the label no matter what! so I changed it a bit more ..
This is the new and improved version (here you can see the old ones) ->

I am optimistic and hope to find the time to finish Big Bright Blanket it this year :)
I will leave the fringe (as suggested by Linda), so there will be more white (or pink) granny square type rows around the label .. to show off the fringe and easily join it to the rest of the blanket.

Did you notice - no more BBB (I was planning to embroider the name Big Bright Blanket on those Bees, but I found out that embroidery on crochet is not my thing .. so no BBBees at all).

Living home with two small children has left me almost no time at all for my crafty endeavors .. my little miracles rarely sleep both at the same time .. well at night they do, but then I want to sleep too .. and when they are awake I have way too much to do.
I do however sneak in at least few minutes a day to sit in a quiet place with my crochet hook and a good book.
I have advanced my ability to do more than one thing at a time, so now I am able to make dinner for family, read a book, play with my baby boy and If I am not holding my baby girl in hands I sometimes crochet too (It all depends on what I am making of course). But thank god (and my wonderful hubby) I get to do all of that at the same time very very rare.

btw, this small crochet block took me almost all week .. and it's not even properly finished yet :D

Happy crafting to you too!

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