Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Your own pattern Latvian style

Way back when fabric for clothes and everything else was weaved (knitted, crocheted) at home not bought in supermarkets as ready to wear clothes, tablecloths, bedspreads et cetera ... most skillful women wanted to make special things like no other so they draw their own patterns for weaving, knitting, cross stitching and all the other crafts ...
This is one of the ways to draw an individual pattern using the date of birth.

My kids patterns came out looking identical because both their birthdays contain the same numbers :) hopefully it will mean that they will get along nicely ..

This block I crocheted for big Bright Blanket, just to make it even more special (if I would do it again I would use hdc instead od dc and in the first round just 2 hdc instead of 3dc) .. but I am planning to make cross stitched wall hangings from all of our families individual patterns :) knowing how fast my priorities and ideas change I won't be too surprised if I never cross stitch them although I am pretty sure I will use these patterns in some future projects.
If you are wondering how I managed the color change for this block I will show you the back of the square and most of you will know ;) but if this picture doesn't help and you want to understand how I did it don't be shy and ask - I might make a picture tutorial for this kind of color-change ;)

If you would like to see your pattern then please send me your email address to and I will send you open-office spreadsheet I made to draw the pattern for anyone if you enter the date of their birthday.

I know that there are different ways to make your pattern and some of them can be found in ... I  liked the patterns it gave me, but I'm not quite sure how they calculate and draw it (I am guessing they somehow take into account the name too) ..
But nevertheless I like my way better! :D

Happy crafting!


  1. Why didn't you put spreadsheet in post for downloading? A, ko a? :D

    1. tas nelietis blogspots nepiedāvā tādu iespēju :/