Friday, January 31, 2014

FIRST moment, hour, week ..

She came in this world unforeseen as snow in December ... fast and easy ...
Let's welcome my baby girl Samanta in the bright new world! :)

And I did finish cocoon although just barely on time ... She looks SO adorable I can't stop looking ...

This has been a wonderful week! Samanta surprised us and was born on 24th of January. Although it was my due date I wasn't really expecting her to be on time, knowing that Oliver stayed inside till last possible moment I kind-of expected that baby girl will do that as well .. I was mistaken - thank god that I had packed the bags few days earlier :)

Labor was easier than the first time and when they said she is 57cm long and weights 4580g I almost fell of the table and wanted them to recheck the readings - she couldn't be SO big!  

This has been a week of a lot of first things:
  • First cry;
  • First smile (yes it's just a reflex at this point but who cares, she smiled!);
  • First meal;
  • First dirty diaper;
  • Firs look around ... It is so nice to look at her exploring the world .. she lays quietly with her eyes open and looks at everything around her as if it was something very exciting :) I know she sees just blurry pictures but still ..
  • First time she met her brother. Oliver was thrilled! perhaps he thought that she is a new toy for him, but he was jumping around exclaiming "Wow, wow, wow!";
  • First night at home;
  • First time she got cranky - no more apples for me (well at least for a while);
  • First document (yesterday we got her birth certificate);
  • Surprisingly tonight was the first time she slept whole night (7hours), It was nice to sleep so long without interruption .. I am not expecting her to do that again any time soon, but it was nice of her to give me a small break :)
And there are a lot of first things jet to come :)