Friday, January 10, 2014


Crocheting a granny rectangle can be quite tricky... and there are loads of variations for it (my first formula inspired by rectangle granny square i saw in Blair Stokers grannysquare sampler and a different approach for granny rectangle by Sue Rivers and probably many more I don't even know about) ... the latest revelation in this matter looks like this!

And its formula as always starts from the space it needs to fill :)

  • x - longest edge (I am counting the holes or typical joining points of the typical granny square)
  • y - shortest edge
  • z - edge length difference z=x-y 
  • B - the chains needed for the beginning or middle


btw, the rounds needed to make the rectangular granny square (R) can be caunted too ->


First round or the middle of granny rectangle would look like this ->

The second round would look like this.
I draw just one for z=2, because I think it's pretty clear from there how the scheme should look like for other Z-ies ...

And If you have crocheted a granny square you will know what to do next ;)
If not - check out the scheme for ordinary granny square and/or ask questions - I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Picture tutorial to make this more clear ;)

1st step Calculations
You estimate the size of the gap (or the size of the needed granny square rectangle).


And calculate the edge length difference (z), the chains needed (B) and the rounds needed (R) to form the appropriate granny rectangle.
z = 2
B = 7 + 4z = 7 + 8 = 15
R = y = 3

2nd step First round - Beginning
Crochet the chain with 15 stitches. Then in fifth chain from hook crochet one double crochet, then two more in next chains ... I actually think that scheme shows it better than I could ever say it with words...

3rd step Second round
Change the color if you like and crochet the next round. To form a corner you will need to crochet 3 double crochets 3 times .. on the long side of rectangle crochet 3 double crochets in each hole (in this case there is only one).

4th step Keep ON crocheting ;)
In this example 3rd row is the last one so I joined it in the gap and woala! It's done! :)

Hope you'll find this useful :)

Happy crafting! ;)

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