Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Label for Big Bright Blanket!

As I am now obsessed with finishing the BigBrightBlanket and I have only one corner left, the need for label got kind of pressing ... A while ago I asked you for ideas for the label, unfortunately the only suggested possibility was to crochet letters and sew them on granny square. Idea itself is great and I love how the alphabet looks like, unfortunately it would probably come out as big as a baby blanket I made a while ago :D and I wanted something small..
But I finally got IT! I should try to do it like I made the rabbit decoration for easter !!! :)
Unfortunately the first time I tried it came out looking something between trapezium and parallelogram ...

The second time it had a better shape, but as I now see it is too blue .. I like the striped one better ..

The worst part however is the millionandone yarn end in just this block - each row has 4!!! Because I couldn't crochet it by going back and forth, I had to start each row from one side ..

Well ... I suppose third time's a charm ... now I am thinking to make the stripes out of only two colors. and maybe I should do only "Sany 2013" part leaving the BBB out ... or maybe I should just use the blue one .. still have no idea how to get rid of all the loose ends in this block, but the solution will come - I know!

I will leave it to cool off a bit and try again tomorrow or next week or .. but meanwhile I will crochet something that can't go wrong!

Happy crafting to you too!


  1. Leave the ends on for fringe.


    1. Thank you Linda! That is a great idea, I might actually leave them be :)