Friday, March 29, 2013

progressreport - BigBrightBlanket :)

I have the first corner!
and the second one is not that far away... unbelievable! I can actually see myself finishing it at some point this year :)

I am thinking about a block with my name, the name of blanket and probably the year (years) I was making it. have you ever crocheted something like that? do you have any suggestions about this kind of block?

Here some close-ups from my Big Bright Blanket :)

and of course - the links of inspiration for the new blocks of my BigBrightBlanket:
It's getting harder and harder to fit it in one shot ... this one is the best overall picture but it doesn't show the corner or edges.. O, well - next time ;)
here is the previous links of inspiration, just in case you were wondering ;)
Happy crafting!!!


  1. Hello! I am doing a blanket with all the squares different too; yours is amazing!!! As regards a block with your name or the year, I don't know a specific pattern, but maybe you can do a simple granny and sew on it crocheted letters or numbers: What do you think about it?
    Looking forward to seeing your masterpiece complete!! :-) Francesca from Italy

    1. Thank you :)
      unfortunately label using this alphabet would probably take up too much space ..
      have fun making your blanket - I sure have fun making mine :)